Petén Itza Lake

Petén Itza Lake

Lake Petén Itzá is a lake in the department of El Petén in northern Guatemala. The lake has an area of ​​99 km² and is the third largest natural lake in the country, after Lake Izabal and Lake Atitlán. It has a maximum depth of 160 m and in one of its islets the city of Flores is located, the departmental capital of Petén.

On the Lake Petén Itzá riviera there are several communities, among them: El Remate, Jobompiché, San Pedro, San Miguel, Santa Elena. These communities are located in the municipalities of San Benito, Flores, San Andrés, and San José.

Boat tour by the Lake

It includes:

• Aquatic transport
• Private Lanchero
• Tour of the Island of Flores
• Visit to the Mirador del Rey Canek
• Visit to PETENCITO Nature Reserve and Zoo

Duration approx 04hrs

DAILY operation, option to take the tour in the morning or in the afternoon to watch the sunset.

To book this tour

Tels: (502) 2366-2841, 2333-7054, 2333-7005
Whatsapp: (+502) 5019-5134